Migo Digital File Shredder Pro

Migo Digital File Shredder Pro

Migo Digital Shredder Pro is a system maintenance tool and a file shredder
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Migo Digital Shredder Pro is a system maintenance tool that keeps your system clean and avails you the maximum disk space for use. When you delete any file from your computer it leaves a trace, which can disturb your system files and occupies a little space as well. But when you shred your document with Migo Digital Shredder Pro, the file is completely removed from your PC and can not be recovered. Migo Digital Shredder Pro offers a schedule cleaner, which also helps you in keeping your computer clean by removing web history or your passwords. So Migo Digital Shredder Pro saves your personal data as well.

- User-friendly interface, just add all the files you wish to shred to the list and that's all.
- Works with any removable data sources, like hard drives, USB pen drives or SD memory sticks as well.
- Removes your chat history, web addresses, cookies and all the temporary files completely from your computer.
- Can saves your private data from stealing: passwords, credit card numbers - by permanently removing them.
- Password protection for the settings and configuration.
- Removes office documents, calendars, addresses and email contents from Outlook Express.
- Shreds your Windows Recycle Bin as well.
- You can set a schedule to shred your documents or folders.
- Set the shredding level for Migo Digital Shredder Pro using the options.

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